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What is the difference between double knitting and single knitting

Double knitting and single knitting are two different knitting structures, and they have some differences in fabric appearance, use characteristics and production process.

     Fabric appearance: double-sided knitting has the characteristics of texture and color on both sides, that is, both sides can be used as the appearance surface. This allows double-knit fabrics to have more design possibilities and can present different effects when worn. While single jersey only has texture and color on one side, the other side is usually smooth or has a weaker texture.

     Use characteristics: Since double knits have two visible sides, they can be more flexibly applied to products that need to be reversible or reversible, such as double-sided clothing, double-sided blankets, etc. While single jersey is usually suitable for products that only need to be visible on one side, such as T-shirts, shirts, etc.

     How it's made: Double knitting usually requires a special weaving or knitting process to ensure texture and color on both sides. This may require the use of different knitters or knitting machines and adds to the complexity and cost of production. The production process of single jersey knitting is relatively simple, only one side needs to have texture and color.

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