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We are a national high-tech enterprise. At present, there are many kinds of self-woven and cooperatively processed fabrics, including microfiber warp-knitted towel cloth, weft-knitted towel cloth, coral fleece, etc.

What Is Double Knit Fabric?

Double Knit Fabric is a weft knit fabric made from two sets of yarns and usually looks the same on both sides. Fancy double knit fabrics may have novelty stitches on one side.These fabrics have a good stretch ratio and have great recovery, meaning they return to their original size after stretching. They are a great choice for garments like leotards or body suits.Unlike single knit fabrics, double knit fabric is made from two layers of knitting stitched together with interlocking threads. This means it is thicker and has a more stable structure. The fiber contents can vary from natural to synthetic, including cotton, wool and rayon. Double knits usually look the same on both sides and are reversible. Fancy double knits may be embellished with novelty stitches on the face side or have fine ribs running lengthwise on the reverse side.
Because of their weight and stability, double knit fabrics work well as an alternative to wovens for clothing such as blazers and dresses. They have a great deal of crosswise stretch and excellent recovery (the ability to return to their original size after being stretched). A fabric that has spandex or elastane mixed into it will also give it added elasticity. Be sure to test the fabric’s stretch in both directions by stretching a small swatch of it before making your garment.Double knits are heavier and firmer than single-layer jerseys. They have excellent shape retention and do not roll as easily as lighter weight knits, making them a good choice for projects that call for a woven fabric, such as blazers or dresses.Some double-knit fabrics have different patterns on either side, while others look the same on both sides. This allows you to do color blocking if desired. It is a heavy or medium-weight fabric with good crosswise stretch and a smooth surface on both sides.
Be sure to check the percentage of stretch in both the width and length of a fabric. Also, check its recovery, or how well it bounces back after stretching. This will help you know how much stretch a fabric has and if it is appropriate for your project.Double knit fabrics are heavier in weight than other types of knits and firmer to the touch. They also tend to have less stretch lengthwise than crosswise. This makes them ideal for use in garments that require a good amount of structure.You’ll find double knits in a wide variety of fibers such as wool, cotton, and polyester.  These fabrics are characterized by a patterned miss stitch that looks like lace. They’re often used for feminine clothing such as tops and dresses. Other patterned double knits include pointelle and intarsia. Be sure to check the finished garment measurements in your pattern before selecting a fabric, as it is important that it have enough stretch to fit comfortably around the body. The right size needle is essential for sewing with double knits as well.
When purchasing knit fabrics, it is always best to shop in person and feel and stretch the fabric before you buy. This is especially true for double knits. Double knits are very soft and have a lot of stretch. You can find a wide variety of fibers in these fabrics including rayon, polyester, wool and cotton.Rib knits are a common type of double knit fabric. They have a very fine crosswise rib texture and are perfect for dresses, skirts and sturdy leggings. You can also find lace patterns in some of these fabrics.Interlock knits are another type of double knit fabric. They have fewer stretch properties than rib knits but they do have great lengthwise and crosswise stretch and good recovery. These fabrics also tend to be more stable than other types of knits and do not curl at the edges. Use a pattern designed for this type of fabric and trim carefully to avoid bulky seams.